A new range for 2019, check it out below. 

Big Bang t-shirt

You asked so, once again, we have delivered!

The official Big Bang race t-shirts (free to entrants) are now for sale. You can purchase these for your support crews and anyone you see fit. What a great way to thank Aunt Bessie for driving after you and your mates for the day, packing grubby mountain bikes on the car and feeding you as you run in and out of transition? She would love a shirt!

Only $25 each, breathable and quick dry. The 2019 colour (changes each year) is green.

The front will remain the same, but as sponsors are added to the event the reverse of the shirt will develop. 

Purchase with your entry until 6th October 2019. (Please note, all teams entering after 6th October will NOT get a t-shirt with entry). This item will be in your race pack.

Sizes options available are:

Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, 2 x Extra large

Please choose your t-shirt size carefully, we do not have extras available and cannot swap sizes.

And a cap? 

Sports cap, black with a white trim, excellent for everything sports like!

Only $25. Order when you enter and it will be in your race pack.

Big Bang exclusive hoodies.

Available in Orange, pink or blue. 

250 gsm polyester fleece

$145 each inc P&P

The fit can be quite small so please ensure you choose sizes carefully. These items are made to order so sizes can not be exchanged.

Available to purchase through the online entry system.

3 day turn around.

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