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College teams

The Big Bang Adventure Race is a fantastic way to bond with your mates, have a laugh, and feel a great sense of achievement at the end of the day.


The college teams tend to excel in this area, beating the adults teams sometimes by a fair few hours! Sound appealing? Well ask your outdoor education teacher to add this event to your years curriculum, or as a team building exercise at the end of the year. To really add a sense of adventure get your parents or teachers to enter a team as well and see if you can beat them!

As it all starts with you, we have worked very hard to keep the cost right down. The college entry fee is  only $320 per team, that's a bargain, but it is limited to first 20 teams. Once the 20 spots have been filled college teams will pay $520. Your hard earned allowance (or wages) will still get you an amazing days adventure, a free meal ticket per person (including the racing adult) for the yummy finish line BBQ and a great night's sleep. The Big Bang 2023 t-shirts are not part of the fee but you can purchase these for a mere $30 each when you enter.


Go hassle your folks, teachers and mates and tell them you want to enter a team.

College teams must comprise of 4 students aged 13-18. If you have little or no experience in Adventure racing you must have an adult aged over 21 in your team, this adult will make you a 5 man team. This adult falls within your entry fee and also gets a free meal ticket (as long as they are racing)

 All college teams MUST have an adult aged 21 or over to race with them. If your team is experienced and wishes to apply for exemption this must be done 2 weeks prior to race day. If your team arrives to the event with no adult, and has not applied for exemption you will not be permitted to race. Contact race director Carrie Yaxley, to apply for this exemption.

For now, ensure you and an adult have thoroughly read through the website and fully understand what you are going to undertake. Find some willing participants from your school / college, enter online and get training!


The Big Bang Adventure Race is a great event to add to your school's curriculum, or have as a training exercise and team building day but we need to know you are ok with your children racing. It's great fun but can be challenging, especially if the weather is bad.

We take all possible precautions as far as safety is concerned but teams are responsible for their actions out on the course, hence the addition of the supervising adult. A copy of our safety manual is available upon request.

Ensure you have fully read the entire website and understand what this event entails. We thoroughly recommend a pre-race meeting (1 as a minimum) involving all students in the team, designated support crew for the day, and parents / guardians (even if they are not attending the event). This meeting should cover the compulsory team and individual kit, the rulessafety guidelines of the event and nutrition. As part of the training we also recommend students learn the basics of navigation. GPS's are NOT allowed on the race course, all navigation is by means of a compass and geographical features, ensure your team is prepared!

Entries can be made online.

We can help you find accommodation for the weekend if you are travelling from out of town.

Do not hesitate to contact us anytime if you have any questions.

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