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kit list

Remember, this kit is compulsory! You must bring it with you for the gear check at race registration. You MUST carry all of this kit with you at all times on the course with the exception of the specialized water / bike equipment. Random kit checks are forecast for race day, be aware!


PER TEAM (1 for teams of 2, 2 for teams of 4):

  • First aid kit comprising a minimum of:

  • 2 m strapping tape

  • Painkillers

  • 8 x plasters

  • 4 cm wide crepe bandage

  • 2 x gauze pads

  • Blister block/second skin

  • Sun cream

  • Compass

  • Torch with new batteries

  • Watch

  • Bike pump and tool kit



  • Backpack

  • Mountain bike with spare inner tube

  • Safety approved bike helmet

  • Sufficient food and water (jet planes are a great starting point!)

  • Waterproof jacket

  • Fleece top

  • Poly-prop/thermal top and bottoms

  • Whistle, beanie and gloves

  • Survival bag 

For a downloadable version of the kit list click here.

Check Clean Dry - Protecting this place 

The Big Bang Adventure Race travels through some pretty awesome wilderness and we need to make sure nothing we do will damage or alter this natural habitat. The pristine streams and rivers that make up part of this years course are home to good populations of native fish and will be forever changed if freshwater pests like didymo become established.

To compete in this event you must have clean gear before you start. Please have your race gear cleaned and/or dry before arriving, alternatively there will be cleaning equipment available at the start line. (The organisers reserve the right to implement any other Check Clean Dry precautions as they see fit.)

We thank you in advance for taking these simple steps to protect our natural heritage.

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