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We can go ahead under the current level 2 restrictions.

It's a headache and a logistical nightmare but something that we have been working VERY hard to get right and we believe we have cracked it. Things will look and feel slightly different but with the current situation this is what has to happen in order to put the event on at all. If you are not friends with hand sanitiser already, you will be by the end of Big Bang 2021.

We have made the decision to roll with our level 2 protocol as of today.

Unfortunately if we are in level 3 or 4 the event will be postponed to November 2022. If this is the case you will be given one of the following options:

  • Transfer your entry to November 2022 (Most probably 5th November)

  • Transfer you entry to the Dirt Duathlon series in June / July / August 2022

Level 2

Unfortunately level 2 means we don't get the face to face contact that we love so much about this race, the banter and laughs are what we cherish but needs must. So....


  • We will split the field into 6 waves of 100, these waves will be formed of both competitors and your support person.

  • There will be no event registration at either Johnsonville or Otaki, you will register in your wave on event day

  • This means no gear checks so make sure you are sorted - I can't stipulate this enough. Make sure you are sorted! The gear list is HERE

  • Only 1 support person per team, no exceptions

  • No prize giving. Spot prizes will be presented at registration on event day

  • Everyone will have to carry a mask

  • The obvious QR code scanning

  • Race waves will start from 7am (that's a 6.15 am arrival time, sorry!) with 3 waves of Tortoises, followed by 3 waves of Hares.

  • We will be randomly allocating you into waves

  • There will be no finish line BBQ