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It's a good day when you realise that the event we have been planning all year can officially go ahead under level 2 restrictions.

It's a headache and a logistical nightmare but something that we have been working VERY hard to get right and we believe we have cracked it. Things will look and feel slightly different but with the current situation this is what has to happen in order to put the event on at all. If you are not friends with hand sanitiser already, you will be by the end of Big Bang 2020.

So, if we are still in level 2 on 7th November all our fancy procedures will be put in place to keep you all safe at the event. If we are in level 1 life will be easy (but we will still be careful!). Unfortunately if we are in level 3 or 4 the event will be postponed to March 2021, we will not cancel. If this is the case you will be given one of the following options:

  • Transfer your entry to March 2021 (date TBC) and still enjoy the 10th Birthday celebrations

  • Transfer you entry to November 2021

  • Transfer you entry to the Dirt Duathlon series in June / July / August 2021

So let's look forward to a wonderful and safe event in November (fingers crossed)


Alongside the rest of the world, the Big Bang Adventure Charitable Trust met on 18/3/20 to discuss our COVID-19 plan.

It is a very tough and changeable time for all, but we hope to give you something to look forward to. The Big Bang Adventure Race, scheduled for 7th November 2020 will, at this stage, go ahead as normal. We will continually monitor and review this decision in line with the Ministry of Health and government announcements. The final decision on BBA 2020 will be made 1 month ahead of the event. If the event is cancelled as a result of COVID-19 a 75% refund will be offered to all teams.

We have a lot of plans in place already to restrict your contact with other at our events and will implement these if required.  Rest assured we will do all we can to keep you guys, our staff and all our wonderful volunteers safe at our events.


Whilst the world is in chaos and the toilet rolls are in short supply, make sure you all take some time for yourselves, get out into the real world be it on foot or bike and breathe in the fresh air. New Zealand has the best air in the world and the space to self-isolate while staying healthy and fit. Let’s make the most of these trying times Big Bangers, see you out there but please don’t hug us.


Yours in adventure racing


Carrie, Marty, Pete and Si